A Novel by Cody L. Stanford



A hungry python lies coiled in the dark cellar beneath Tajo Borrego’s home, waiting to be fed.  Tajo captures animals to feed the huge creature.  But the snake is still hungry and wants Tajo to bring him something bigger to eat.

Tajo is a smart city kid who loves to dance and hates his little sister.  He wants nothing more in the world except to perform in The Nutcracker and fool around with his boyfriend, Daray Gilliard.  But Daray doesn’t like being human, and he finds a way to transform into a creature that is very big, utterly cool… and completely terrifying.

Tajo is torn by the simple promise he made to take care of the monster he helped create.  Soon Daray starts to eat Tajo’s neighbors, then hunts the people of New York City.  And unless Tajo breaks his promise and stops the killings, he might become Daray’s next meal.


You can purchase Feeding in paperback or Kindle at the link below.

Feeding at Amazon.com

You can find other e-book formats for Feeding here:

Feeding at Smashwords

Find out what Tajo fears most—read the first three chapters of Feeding here:

FEEDING—First Three Chapters


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