A Novel by Cody L. Stanford

Someone is eating Tajo’s neighbors…

Welcome to the official page for my novel Feeding, a YA horror novel about Tajo Borrego, a boy who loves ballet, and his boyfriend Daray Gilliard, who does not love being human.

When Daray finds a way to turn himself into a snake, Tajo promises to take care of him.  But against the increasingly busy backdrop of Tajo’s dancing dreams becoming reality, Daray’s hunger grows with his body and its horrific changes.  Soon, Tajo is drawn further and further into a terrifying secret that he cannot reveal and cannot stop.  Tajo must decide what to do before Daray’s hunger destroys everything he loves.

As this site grows, I hope it will provide background for readers about many of the elements involved in the novel, from snakes to dancing and more.  Keep checking back to see what’s been added lately.

You can purchase Feeding in paperback or Kindle at the link below.

Feeding at Amazon.com

You can find other e-book formats for Feeding here:

Feeding at Smashwords

Find out what Tajo fears most—read the first three chapters of Feeding here:

FEEDING—First Three Chapters

Thanks for stopping by the site, and I hope you enjoy Feeding!

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