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“Everything Old is New Again” from All That Jazz

During his stay with Aunt Lola, Tajo mentions that he and his aunt choreograph their own dance routines, which reminds Tajo of this scene from one of his (and my) favorite movies.  All That Jazz is an autobiographical movie by legendary Broadway choreographer Bob Fosse. Roy Scheider plays Joe Gideon, a thinly veiled version of Fosse himself. Gritty, sexy, profane, and filled with all sorts of things that help the movie earn it’s hard-R rating, All That Jazz showcases Fosse’s work at its absolute finest. In this scene, which was inserted into the film after the producers complained that the storyline was becoming too depressing, Ann Reinking (Fosse’s onetime girlfriend who essentially is playing herself in the movie) and Erzsébet Földi (playing Joe’s daughter Michelle) present their own dance routine to the Peter Allen song, “Everything Old is New Again.” This sequence is anything but depressing; the dance was actually choreographed by Reinking and Földi.

If you’re really interested in Bob Fosse’s work, here’s a collection of videos showcasing several of his best numbers. The selections start with a couple of clips from All That Jazz, and, yes, they open with the—*ahem*—rather grown-up choreography of “Take Off With Us.” I assume you won’t watch that if you’re not old enough for it, okay?  :3