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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot was originally a movie that was turned into a musical by Elton John. It’s the story of a boy who pursues his dream of being a dancer despite fierce opposition from his family and community. Tajo saw the musical on Broadway and immediately decided he wanted to be a dancer, too. Here’s a terrific number from the stage production.


Dancing is Tajo’s Life


Tajo loves to dance more than anything else in the world.  He fell in love with ballet when he went to see the musical Billy Elliot, which contains music by Sir Elton John.  Ballet is a complex and physically demanding art form that dates back centuries.  You can learn more about ballet at the link below.

We still live in an era where it sometimes takes guts for a boy to admit he likes ballet.  Tajo can tell you this:: don’t ever be afraid to admit loving the things that move you most deeply.

History of Ballet Article at Wikipedia

(Pictured: Tony Award winner David Álvarez from the original Broadway cast of Billy Elliot the Musical.)